New font editing in kinemaster app

New font editing in kinemaster app has been added for the user’s ease and convenience.

You no longer have to install a separate application just to be able to edit text boxes in your application.You can now enjoy using both the applications at the same time without any problems.

The font you choose in the new version of Kinemaster is automatically styled based on the current window design.


New stylish font editing in Kinemaster

It also offers extensive options for editing different text sizes, style, color and other font properties. New in this version is the Copy/Paste Fonts tool.

This useful application allows you to save your preferred fonts to clipboard for future reference or editing. You can also copy or paste several font styles to multiple text boxes.


There are also various other handy features that come along with the software.

You can create sub menus for easy access to commands. It comes with support for both text and image scaling, rotation and colors.

Kinemaster also comes with support for Auto Save feature, which enables the application to save changes automatically after printing.

For text editing in Kinemaster, there is the Smart Replace option. This option allows you to automatically replace broken text with the replacement text.


The Replace Highlight option allows you to highlight specific text boxes by clicking on the button and it will also highlight the entire document for you.

How To Use New stylish font editing in Kinemaster

New in this version of the application is the Colorize tool, which helps in applying different styles to text boxes based on their contents.

Download Fonts

There are a number of text styling options available in the Colorize tool The Style options available in the application includes the italics,

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You can save the selected documents by using PDF (Portable Document Format) format.

This application has an extensive help file menu, and the users can search for any information about the software and its components, which are very useful for the beginner users.

Download Material

Kinemaster also comes with easy to follow video walkthroughs, which can help the users to get to know the software more easily.

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