Love WhatsApp Status Video In KineMaster App

Love WhatsApp Status Video In KineMaster App Love Status is a professional movie making company that I have personally used.

Their services are very inexpensive compared to the quality of work they deliver.

They are very intuitive and can be customized to your liking They have been around since 2007 and are set out to make you a better person on film and in life.

i was introduced to them by my best friend who introduced me to Attitude Status.

Love Status Video Editing

The way Attitude Status works is pretty simple, all you do is enter a clip into the program along with your audio or video file and then hit the “combine” button.

You have a choice of several different options like pause start or box click for panning, shake for focus, and speed up/slower down for adjusting speed.

Once you are happy with your results simply hit the “start” button. Then all you have to do is hit the back button to complete your selection.

What’s great about Attitude Status is you can use it with other programs such as Microsoft Office.

Let’s say for instance you are making a video for your boss to view and give feedback on.

Rather than having to cut and paste from existing documents you can upload your own Hindi or Wani whatsapp status message and have the boss viewing it in minutes.

How To Make Love WhatsApp Status Video

You can also add text such as thanks or sorry and if he wants a cup of coffee or tea then you can add a quick phrase.

You can also insert photos from your desktop or import attachments from your PDA or smartphone.


This means you can record a funny video where you ask your friends to guess what the password is or just take a picture of

something interesting and share your status message on whatsapp with your friends.

Download Material Link

Another feature Attitude Status has that I love is the option to add text to the video.

Now this is very useful if you want to add subtitles to your Hindi or English video or if you are uploading a funny video to share with your family and friends.

Instead of having to cut and paste from existing files you can simply paste in your message,

Group Link Here

Caption it and attach any other language files as necessary You can even add extra captions if you need to.

If you upload an image file then Attitude will save that image to your post instead of using your default Windows folder.


The only thing I would like to point out with video editing software like Adobe After Effects is the length of the videos.

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