Material 01 Editing Tutorial Video in KineMaster App

The Material 01 Editing Tutorial Video in KineMaster App is a free tutorial that can be availed by iPad users. This tutorial is available as an application that can be

downloaded onto the device. In order to install this particular version of the tutorial, one needs to first download the particular video onto the device and then

follow the instructions on the screen to install it. One should not worry about any glitches since the video is accompanied by a user guide that walks one through the entire process.

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The video starts off with a brief introduction where the App informs the user about the process followed in Material Selective Editing. After this, a

video is played that enables one to see the in-app video sequence. It also helps to know about the various options that are available in Material Selective Editing.

After this, there is a brief presentation on the different areas of Material Selective Editing and the various techniques that are used in the process.

The video also shows the different kinds of masks that are used in Material Selective Editing. As a result of this, the

App explains how to mask images. It also shows how to change the color of the background used for the video along with how to apply filters.

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The next part of the tutorial begins by showing how to make one’s own movies using the Movie app. For this, one is required to load the movie into the

device. The video is then used as a backdrop while explaining how to use the edit masks and other effects that are present in the movie. After this, one is

shown how to change the video background and apply color to the red hue mask. As a result of this, one is able to create a bright red room in the iPad.

The final part of the video features a close up of one of the edited elements in the movie. For this, the clip is shown rotating in a full circle. This allows the

user to zoom in on an object or area. To conclude, the video provides an impressive overview of the procedure

followed in the App. The editing process in the iPad has already gained popularity due to the ease with which it can be performed.

However, before one can edit a video with the App, one needs to know how to import videos. The video import process is described in the video tutorial. Apart

from this, the tutorial also covers how to burn the video onto a DVD disc. This makes it easier for one to share the video with family and friends. The App can also

be used to create and edit a video using an webcam as well as to export videos created using this application.

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