Live Chat Style WhatsApp Status Video Editing

Live Chat Style WhatsApp Status Video Editing As it has got a lot of engaging content in different languages from different regions

There are various one-off unique videos that you can easily download and send to your colleagues without any hassle.

The video downloads are not limited and there are plenty of options in which the videos can be downloaded.

The one-time membership fee is very reasonable as compared to the number of video downloads you would get over the course of the year.

The app offers two ways through which you can send videos: either embedding it or sharing it through the ‘Share’ option.

How To Viral Make Whatsapp Status Videos

Embedding option is for simple downloading and sending of the video directly to another person’s device or to a friend’s device via IM or SMS.

Sharing option enables you to post the status video on your wall or share it with the ones you share your wall with.

With this second option you also have the option of adding a link anywhere on the device where the video can be viewed.

A lot of people are already using Instgram to send online videos to their friends and loved ones.

But the new version 2.0 of the app is a big leap forward in terms of functionality as it now offers several other features.

The new ‘Video Mirroring’ option allows you to view the video on your Facebook page or Google+ account.

In addition to that you can now upload an unlimited number of online videos on the app,

How To Make Viral Vip Whatsapp Status

this feature is extremely useful when you wish to upload lots of videos and not let them waste too much storage space.

Whatsapp Video Editing App Download

The one-tap video editing option on the app makes it extremely useful for uploading quick videos.

You can now select from a wide variety of transitions, frame rates, and colors for your videos.


The only thing you need to do is tap the ‘Play’ button and start uploading your favourite videos.

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